Regular Papers: Papers must be submitted through the PaperCept Conference Management System by the submission deadline. Full papers format should be submitted in standard IEEE A4 paper and double-column format using 10-point fonts. For the purpose of review only, manuscripts up to eight (8) page long in the standard two-column IEEE format will be considered. If accepted, final manuscripts are limited to six (6) pages. Accepted papers exceeding the normal length may be included in the proceedings upon payment of over-length page charges for each page in excess of six pages, up to a maximum of two additional pages.

Invited Sessions: Proposals are invited from participants who wish to organize invited sessions. An invited session comprises six thematically coherent papers, which can be either Invited Papers (limited up to six (6) pages, final submission) or Extended Abstracts (limited up to three (3) pages). The session should be composed in order to achieve added value over the mere presentation of individual papers by focusing, for example, on emerging challenges or different angles on established problems that one would not expect to see in a regular contributed paper session. Proposals are limited to six (6) pages in the standard IEEE two-column format and should contain a summary describing the motivation and relevance of the proposed session, a short overview of the individual papers and how they fit into the overall theme, as well as the papers titles and the names of the authors. The invited session proposals have to be submitted before the Invited Papers and Extended Abstracts of the session. Upon submission of the proposal, the session organizer will receive a session code, which should be communicated to the authors of the Invited Papers and Extended Abstracts for the submission of their contributions. The Invited Papers have to be submitted with the Regular Papers submission deadline, while the Extended Abstracts deadline will be after the submission deadline of Regular Papers. The accepted Invited Papers will appear in the conference proceedings, while the accepted  Extended Abstracts will appear on the conference’s webpage.   We advise invited session organizers to submit their proposals at least one week before the conference deadline in order to allow sufficient time for the submission of the Invited Papers and Extended Abstracts.

Workshops and Tutorials: We particularly welcome proposals that cover material or use presentation formats that are not found within the main conference for workshops and tutorials that increase the interest in the event and enhance the interaction and discussion amongst participants. Proposals for workshops and tutorials should contain the title of the session, a list of speakers, and extended summaries (2000 words) of their presentations.

Review: All submitted papers will undergo a peer-review process coordinated by the Program Chairs, Advisory Committee Members, IPC members, and qualified reviewers. Authors will be notified of the results at the latest by April 15, 2023.